Privately Issued Digital Money

Introduce a token that is backed 100% by a reserve of central bank assets or commercial bank cash holdings. It can also be a tokenized bank deposit which is a digital representation of deposits held at a financial institution and converted into transferable and accessible tokens.

DLT-powered digital currencies can slash cross-border transaction times by up to 90%

Source: McKinsey & Company

Types of stablecoins

Reimagine the future of finance with tokenized cash and deposits

There has been rising interest in asset-backed stablecoins and tokenized deposits from banks and financial market infrastructure providers as they can co-exist alongside CBDCs, while offering many of the same benefits

Intra-bank book transfers
Banks are exploring stablecoins or private tokens in their treasury departments to complete internal book transfers across branches. By using an internal token, the bank no longer relies on a third party, resulting in faster transfer times, near real-time settlement and reconciliation, and fewer points of failure.

Atomic securities settlement 
Fiat-backed stablecoins or ‘tokenized cash’ can allow for T+1 instead of the market’s current T+2 framework, in which a payment is settled two business days post-trade.

Convert assets into digital tokens 
Securities can be converted into digital tokens and traded and serviced with stablecoins, leading to fractional ownership and more transparent price discovery of asset classes. 

Cross-border transactions
Transact and move value directly and seamlessly between entities and across borders, while reducing risk.

Realize the power of privately issued digital money

Digital Token Lifecycle Management

There is rising financial market infrastructure and commercial bank interest in privately issued digital money as it can be easily minted, transferred, and redeemed. For example, a bank can deposit assets in exchange for a token that is defined and created on the network. That ‘minted token’ can be transferred to an owner to pay for an asset on the network and redeemed by a custodian for fiat currency.

Minting Diagram

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